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“What a breath of fresh air!”
Q: How much luggage can I take?
A: We restrict luggage to one medium sized suitcase per person. You may share a larger suitcase but the largest dimension must not be greater than 75cm and no single item of
luggage may weigh more than 20kg. You may also take a small holdall of a size appropriate to be stored on the overhead luggage rack.  When an overnight stop is used en route to
your destination you may also bring a small overnight bag with you.

Q. What happens to my money when I pay you?
A. Howsoever you pay the result is the same; your money is totally protected. East Anglian Holidays Limited is a company committed to consumer financial protection. At no extra
cost to you and in accordance with ''The Package Travel, Package Tours Regulations 1992'' all passengers booking with East Anglian Holidays Limited are fully insured for the initial
deposit, and subsequently the balance of monies paid.
Click here for full details.

Q. What do you mean by extra legroom?
A. All the coaches we use have fewer rows of seats than they were designed for. We can’t give you an exact measure because each coach is different. The layout of the
WC/washroom, the front and the side door all effect the seat spacing. A normal length coach has up to 14 rows of seats, usually 13 for touring whereas we use only coaches with 12
rows (or extra long coaches with 13 rows).

Q. How often do you make stops?
A. We make regular stops. On excursions the places of interest are close enough together to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding area but have time to relax and explore too.
Travelling days depend on the distance we have to cover. We generally have at least a break in the morning, one at about lunchtime and one in the afternoon. We often add some
shorter stops too. We are dependent on the location of refreshment facilities on route and sometimes prefer to find a place of interest. This can sometimes extend one section of the
journey but we prefer to not go much more than 2 hours or so without a stop.

Q. What will the weather be like?
A. Much as we would like to, we can’t predict the weather. Ask us what to expect as we do have an idea of local climate trends  so we can tell you what you might expect. Also you
can check out the weather and climate sites in our Downloads and Links area.

Q. What time do continental holidays leave on the first day?
A. Early! We like to get a good few miles behind us on day 1 and we lose an hour crossing the Channel so an early start is inevitable. The actual time varies and depends on our
destination and the time it takes us to collect everyone together to leave the area. We include a breakfast on the Dover Calais Crossing (before 11am) so we only need minimal
stops before Dover.

Q. Do I need a passport and  EHIC?
A. If you are travelling outside the UK and Eire then yes. There are links to apply for passports and EHIC (E111) cards on the Downloads and Links page. Also make sure that your
passport and EHIC are valid or follow the link to renew. Some countries require passports to be valid for a period longer even than the holiday so please check this on the FCO site.
The EHIC card is not required but highly recommended and may be a requirement of your travel insurance.

Q. Can I take my wheelchair, walking frame, scooter?
A. If you wish to take a folding wheelchair on holiday you must request this at the time of booking.  A wheelchair must fold flat for storage and be no more than 20kg in total weight.  
Conditions regarding Luggage and the HomeLink Service will still apply.  If you want a battery scooter or power driven wheelchair on holiday we recommend that you hire such
equipment in resort and we will assist you to source this. Please tell us if you will be taking a walking frame so we can inform the HomeLink service.

Q. Will the hotel accommodate my special diet?
A. We will contact the hotel or hotels on your holiday to ask them to but please note that some hotels may not have facilities to cope with special diets and we cannot be held liable
for their failure to do so. Please read our Booking Conditions for more details.
Q. What’s food like in France, Germany, Italy etc.
A. This is covered on our General Information page.

Q. How much money should I take? What sort of things do I need to pay for on holiday?
A. This is a tough one because everyone is different! You will need enough for refreshments and lunches for each day of your holiday. We often include entrances to places of
interest but you might see something extra you would like to do at a stop,  so take a little extra for that. You might like to buy a souvenir. On bed and breakfast only holidays you
need some money for dinner each evening.

Q. Am I included in the pick up area? What would the surcharge be?
A. An idea of the area covered by the EA HomeLink Service is shown on the HomeLink page but this is not accurate so if you are near the edge of the inclusive area we recommend
you check with us to confirm. We can arrange for the Homelink Service to extend to your address but will have to make a charge which will vary according to the increased cost to

Q. Is it compulsory to have travel insurance?
A. We cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of having travel insurance. It is not compulsory to have travel insurance for our holidays in the United Kingdom but it is
strongly recommended. Travel Insurance is compulsory for our holidays operating outside the United Kingdom.  You do not have to take our travel insurance but you must have
cover, which is as good or better than the one we offer.

Q. Why do I have to pay a single supplement?
A. This is a most unpopular charge which relates to the single occupancy of a hotel room when it is sold as part of a package. EA Holidays does not EVER apply a single
supplement unless it is added by suppliers. EA Holidays does not necessarily agree with the sentiment following but it is the answer to the question!

Hotels generally calculate accommodation charges (and their overheads and costs) per room. They then add extra meals such as dinner to arrive at a package ‘per person’ rate.
Independent travellers have always paid a room rate irrespective of the number people sleeping in it therefore effectively they pay double for single occupancy compared to what
two people sharing would have paid per person. Changing the way of charging from a per room to a per person rate changes our perception from what is in effect a single
occupancy discount into the dreaded single supplement! You may say “this argument only has any real validity if the single person has a double or twin room to themselves”. You
would be right of course; it would be hard to justfy this arguement  for a smaller bedroom which could only accomodate one person! At EA Holidays we really dislike passing on a
single supplement for a single room and only do so where we have no choice.

Q. Is smoking or drinking alcohol permitted on the coach?
A. No – sorry!

Q. Do you sell gift vouchers?
A. Yes in values of £5 and multiples of £5 above that. We include a card from a selection we keep in the office.

Q. Do I have to go out on the excursions?
A. No of course not. If you want to have more time in the hotel or the resort all we ask is that you tell the Tour Manager so we don’t wait for you before we depart.

Q. What is the dress code for dinner?
A. It varies from hotel to hotel. Particularly in holiday hotels ‘smart casual’ is usual so a tie is optional. Jeans, tee shirts and trainers are usually a bit too casual but an open shirt and
trousers or for ladies a top, skirt or trousers are usually fine. Some hotels prefer a lounge suit and a tie but not often. If you like to dress up for dinner please do, many people do
especially if there is a special evening such as a dancing evening.

Q. Do I have to carry my case from the coach to my hotel room?
A. We arrange to porters at all centre (resort) hotels and usually at overnight hotels (ask).

Q. Will I have my own bathroom?
A. Yes – every hotel bedroom we use has a private bath or shower room.
Frequently Asked Questions