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“What a breath of fresh air!”
Trish: Worked for De Vere Hotels for many years and was head of
       Michele           Trish           Tracey
Our Tour Managers
Pam: Pam has worked as a Tour manager for well over 25 years. Pam speaks several
languages and what she doesn’t know about being a Tour Manager and about the places
we travel to isn’t worth knowing! Pam knows the most convenient dropping off places, what
to show you and what to say as well as where to get the best cake in town!
Pippa: Pippa has been a Tour manager for over 7 years. Like all the Tour managers she
does this for the pleasure of travel, of accompanying you and playing an important role in
making sure your holiday is perfect. She is a stickler for detail,  will not accept second best
and if something is not perfect she is like a whirlwind!

Marion: Has also worked as a Tour manager for about 7 years. Marion is the calm one! She
takes it all in her stride and nothing seems to upset her as she quietly goes about her job
ensuring every part of your holiday is just so.
At EA we don’t look at the team in terms of who is the most imp
Team Work EA Style
Meet The Team
“What a breath of fresh air” was a comment made by a lovely lady who had travelled with more than one local company before us. This is how she compared us
with other coach tour operators after her first holiday with us and as this is how we would like to be seen we took it on board!
100% of our customers would recommend EA Holidays to their friends!
At the end of each holiday our clients are asked to complete a quality control questionaire ( sample). One of the questions on this form is “Would you recommend EA Holidays to your friends?”.
We counted the replies on forms related to the tours introduced for the Summer 2013 brochure every single response was “Yes”!  Going back further we only found one “no” from a lady who
pointed out that she would have said yes but as a younger person she had hoped to meet other young people on the holiday! The questionaires are available for inspection at our office.